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- Computerized propeller measuring.
- Computerized analysis of propellers.
- Computerized propeller sizing.
- Reduce propeller induced vibration.
- Increase speed throughout the full rev range.

Prop Scan is used to optimize marine propellers, reduce fuel consumption, increase top speed and cruising speed, eliminate propeller vibration and match engine loading requirements.

Immediate benefits:

- Fuel Savings
- Increase Boat Speed
- Less Vibration

The computerized Prop Scan was specifically designed to inspect the accuracy and precise hydrodynamic form of Australian, Canadian and US Navy propellers. The accuracy and form or shape of a propeller blade section as it slices through the water determines the ultimate thrust and performance of any vessel. An accurate ‘Prop Scan’ propeller with the correct section form and pitch will always out-perform a standard propeller. You will get fuel savings, increased boat speed, reduced vibration, correct engine RPM and correct engine loading.

Prop Scan determines inaccuracies in propeller pitch, camber and elevations that are undetectable to the naked eye which gives a Prop Scan technician the power to remove these inconsistencies, increasing the performance and comfort of your vessel.

Cavitation Reduction

Cavitation is caused by water vaporizing due to pressure reduction on the propeller blades. This can be caused by mechanical damage such as bent or impacted blades, wrongly matched power to propeller type or incorrect propeller design. This distortion of the flow pattern can significantly reduce power and efficiency and cause erosion of the rotating propeller blades. Prop Scan reduces the level of propeller cavitation which results in improved efficiency and extended propeller life.

Eliminate Propeller Induced Vibration

Inaccuracies in marine propellers, such as variations in pitch and camber, cause your propeller to vibrate. With the use of Prop Scan these inaccuracies are removed. Prop Scan detects even the most minor variations (it measures down to 0.004"). Using Prop Scan technology, propeller induced vibrations are eliminated, making your vessel smooth, quiet and economical.

Consume Less Fuel

Prop Scan enhanced boat propellers are accurate and efficient. Vessels with Prop Scan enhanced propellers consume less fuel, saving money and increasing a vessels range.

Higher Speed

- Increased Top Speed
- Increased Cruising Speed
- Increased Power

By precisely optimizing a propeller using Prop Scan, a vessels performance can be increased. After the Prop Scan propeller optimization process, many customers have found their top speed has increased by 2-3 knots. Some customers have even experienced of 5 – 6 knots!

Contact Us for Questions

After reading about all the technical benefits of the Prop Scan technology, this is the obvious solution to your propeller damage and problems. Please contact us if you feel the need to speak to a qualified Technician to assist and answer all your propeller inquiries.

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