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CRISTOBAL MARINE REPAIR has the capability to attend all type of vessels, from commercial ships to super tankers, from cruise ships to barges and all other floating equipment. We have the experience to manage your most demanding project with a wide range of services. We can handle work topside, at dry dock, pier side, at anchor or underway.

CRISTOBAL MARINE REPAIRS offers a diverse range of repairs which in turn gives our value customer the assurance that if any other service needs may arise, our company will respond weather it be a large or small request. Browse through our service profile and you will understand our service versatility.

- Afloat Top Side Repairs.
- Certified Welding.
- Machining Services.
- Damage Surveys and Repair.
- Hydraulic Repairs.
- Main Engine Repairs.
- Conversions.
- Boiler Repair or Complete
- Diesel Engine Repairs.
- Diving & Underwater
  Inspections / Repairs.

- Turbo Charger Overhaul.
- Reconditioning of Valve and Seats.
- Dry Docking Up to 120 Meters.
- Engine Deflection with Internal
- In Place Machining.
- Electrical Repairs AC or DC.
- Overhaul of Cylinders.
- Motor Rewind, Repair or
  Replacement A/C Repair.
- Propeller Service to Include
  Diagnostic Test and Repairs to Blade.

- Pump Repair or Replacement
- Sewage Systems.
- Steel Fabrication &   Replacement.
- Aluminum Repairs & Fabrication.
- Valve Rebuilding & Repair.
- Heavy Lift Crane with Barge.

And many other services. Please

Performed afloat repairs to damaged rudder and rudder stock on MV Endurance.
Repairs performed to damaged tender boats onboard cruise ship Aida Aura.
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